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Diabetes mellitus and obesity is rapidly increasing in the world, and is considered to be one of serious social problems. Various researches are going on all over the world to respond to an urgent need for development of innovative prevention and treatment for these problems. Master of Science was formed aiming to become an intermediary between scientists and the global community to optimize excellent scientific seeds which were obtained from unceasing (or enthusiastic) studies of devoting scientists. We collect potential seeds of molecular genetics on lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity, nutrigenomics, genetic diagnosis、regenerative medicine to introduce these prospective seeds to business entities for creation of novel drugs based on treatment strategy. MOS, both as a corporation and through our seeds, strive to contribute positively and actively to development of human health
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  • ?2006.07.07
    Master of Science (MOS) was incorporated aiming to be an intermediary between scientists and business entities both at home and abroad to introduce prospective scientific seeds of diabetes and obesity for innovation of drugs and medical treatment

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