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Consultation of  Marketing Strategy

Clinical trial and post marketing surveillance are the most important to give firm scientific grounds to the product. MOS offers professional consultation to establish quality evidence for your marketing. MOS will also support you with preparing appropriate profiles of examinees for the clinical trial of your new drug.

Supporting physicians (part of the lsit)
Yoshihiro Nishioka (Kitano Hospital)
Yasuaki Okumura (Okumura Clinic)
Tetsuya Higuchi (Higuchi gastrointestinal Clinic)
Kazushi Niwa (Niwa otological Clinic)
Kazuyuki Matsumoto (Matsumoto Clinic)
Manji Noba (Noba Clinic)
Toshiki Matsubara (Matsubara Clinic)
Takashi Morooka(Morooka Clinic)
Noriki Mori(Mori Medical Clinic)
Yoshihisa Mizuno(Fujita Health University)
Takuya Yuri(Yuri Clinic)
Nobuyoshi Horisawa(Ophthalmology Clinic)
Hiroshi Fukui(Hakuhokai Clinic)
Tomaaki Orita(Otemae Cosmetic Dermatology)
Christopher Jason Hurt
(University of Washington Medical Center)


If you are looking for a laboratory in overseas, please contact us with the information of 1) your current study, 2) the study you wish to do in overseas. We will assist you to find appropriate laboratory in the United States, such as The University of Washington, according to your requirements or preferences.

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